Text 25 Jul 2 notes Get busy living

I’ve decided that I’m going to be my self.

Video 22 Jul 9 notes

First test casts of my own sculpts ever.

A war-necromancer gnome and a reporter. Both in 1:56. 

You can see how they compare to a Corvus Belli Infinity miniature in terms of scale. 

Started painting on the gnome. 

Kinda cool to handle the casts. The caster did an amazing job so mad props to Eureka miniatures!

Video 9 Jul 1 note

Review of recent folder purchases. (which I promised to get to a long while ago)

Pictured are CRKT stubby folding Razel, Spyderco Kiwi3 and Spyderco Delica 4 (full flat grind)

Recently I got these folding knives as a present to myself for my birthday and have been using them for a while. Their main use was opening envelopes and packing tape, opening food packaging, cutting string and various other everyday utility stuff. 

The clear winner is the Kiwi-3- elegant looking, small, doesn’t lock (good for local legal reasons), has a really useful profile and cuts very well. It’s inexpensive and doesn’t look intimidating. For everyday use and carrying around it’s perfect. Feels good in the hand, has a nice balance to it. 

Second place goes to the Delica-4, though overall it’s a much better knife than the kiwi3 it gets some sideways looks when people see it and gets marked down for that. The production quality on it is AMAZING, it’s super duper sharp and smooth. Opens wonderfully. The edge is really good. Very good for the enthusiast or just for seeing what a higher quality product is like. 

Last place is the Razel. It is really cute and cool. It has a blunt edge which makes it look less offensive and it’s small and endearing. Looks utilitarian. The production quality on it is very good but lesser than the Spyderco knives and came with a not-so-sharp edge. It takes an edge well enough and the design is very handsome but the blade profile, maybe very good for some “chisel” applications, makes this knife more dangerous for the user- you must be wary of the front facing edge where in a different profile you can be safe in use from the tip and upwards. On the other hand the blade is fat and has nice jimping on it, it locks securely and positively and I like it. Was more difficult to add the lanyard to because of the clearance of the blade and the column connecting the two halves there to the rear.If I have a use that the shape is good for I enjoy its performance. 

There you go. If you’re wondering about getting a nice blade for everyday use that looks classy and works very very well- get the kiwi3. Inexpensive, pretty and functional. 

Photo 4 Jul A handsome devil.

A handsome devil.

Video 4 Jul 6 notes

What’s that tickling my foot late at night?
The cat’s whiskers?
Oh, it’s only you, gigantic wolf spider.

You card. 

Photo 25 Jun 2 notes Cyberpunk illustration, traditional/digital media.

Cyberpunk illustration, traditional/digital media.

Photo 25 Jun 7 notes A sketch. I think I might use it as a base for digital work. Dip pens, rapidographs, markers, gouache. Photoshop for pixelating out a secret something.. 

A sketch. I think I might use it as a base for digital work. Dip pens, rapidographs, markers, gouache. Photoshop for pixelating out a secret something.. 

Link 18 Jun Hellbeard's»

Check it out you guys. I made an Etsy store to sell stuff so people can buy it and I’ll make money. 

Currently there are two one of a kind original acrylic painting/illustrations you can buy from there. If it does well I’ll try more things.

Video 17 Jun 6 notes

Some ink and pens. 

The drawing inks aren’t for the fountain pens but they’re made of ink so I thought it was appropriate. 

The last pic is of my black Rotring 600 which, trying to fix the feed, I accidentally completely destroyed and then gutted it and implanted the feed off of a Noodler’s Ahab that I modified. We’ll see how it works. 

Video 15 Jun 4 notes

More airbrush practice. 

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